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The conference business is one of the core businesses of ISTCI. We serve scientific research institutions, governments, enterprises, industry associations, universities, media and related professionals by building an international high-end conference industry chain. The details of our conference business are as follows:


•  Conference planning . Different sectors' conference has a different planning. From pre-planning to post-implementation, follow-up and implementation of each detail.

•  Guest management . We manage the guests at home and abroad with different field. And we provide quality services for every participant;

•  Schedule management . Efficient, scientific and forward-looking technology agenda to ensure the quality of our conferences

•  Registration system . Each participant is provided with a registration system that is exclusive to you, allowing you to master every aspect of the conference you have participated.

•  Conference proceeding system . The integration of cutting-edge articles, from pre-assessment, submission, to post-production and release.

•  Conference venue & facility management. Professional conference rooms and conference halls are available to ensure the participation of the guests.

•  Exhibition . Companies, universities, industry parks, governments, and associations to showcase their products, technologies, and information under the influence of our conferences and forums.

•  Risk Management. Security, fire, medical, and emergency management during meetings and forums.


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