• Event Date
  • February 1-3, 2024
  • Event Location
  • Osaka, Japan

Welcome to WCF-2024

On behalf of the organizing committee, we are pleased to announce that World Chemistry Forum 2024 (WCF-2024) will be held during Feb.1st -3rd, 2024 in Osaka, Japan. After WCF-2020 in Osaka, Japan (cancelled), WCF-2024 will come back to Osaka, Japan. On this honorable occasion, we sincerely invite colleagues and friends from all over the world to make the appointment of four years.

With the theme “Chemistry for a Better Life”, WCF-2024 will mainly focus on Catalysis, Analytical Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry this year. Meanwhile, there will be a branch meeting (The 1st International Congress on Green Environmental Catalysis) of WCF-2024, which will be focus on Green Chemistry and Chemistry for Environment and Energy in chemistry. Especially, we provide a friendly platform for young scientists who would like to share and exchanges their first-hand findings in their research interests. The poster prizes will be awarded to encourage poster contributions as well.

Through 3-day scientific program, WCF-2024 t aims to provide a grand platform for the professionals, decision makers and students from the area of Chemistry to share their research achievement and indulge in interactive discussions and technical program at the event. There will be also a space for companies and institutions to present their technology, service, products, and innovations.

Finally, we sincerely hope that you will have wonderful experience in WCF-2024. Look forward to meeting you in Osaka, Japan in February, 2024!

Welcome to CGEC-2024

It's a great honor to announce that the 1st International Congress on Green Environmental Catalysis (CGEC-2024) of World Chemistry Forum, which will be held on Feb. 1-3, 2024, in Osaka, Japan. The theme is “Focusing on More Possibilities for Environmental Chemistry”. On behalf of the organizing committee of CGEC-2024, I sincerely invite you to attend the conference as an invited speaker at session xxx.

the 1st International Congress on Green Environmental Catalysis is a branch meeting of World Chemistry Forum. Environmental catalysis is a new interdisciplinary subject in recent years, which is the intersection and fusion of environmental chemistry, environmental engineering, catalytic chemistry, chemical engineering chemistry and material chemistry, and it is an environmental science subject, it is also the most important scientific and technical basis of environmental protection and green chemistry, and one of the most rapidly developing disciplines in the field of catalysis. The environment problem is the important problem that the mankind faces in the 21st century, the environment protection occupies the important position in the society and the economy sustainable development strategy, many technologies are applied in the environment protection, environmental catalysis is such a new technology that combines environmental engineering with catalytic technology. CGEC-2024 aims to explore more possibilities for environmental chemistry and make contribution to the development of Environmental Catalysis.

We sincerely hope to have you accept our invitation and join us in February at Osaka, Japan.




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